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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesEdit

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games is a sports game for the Wii and Nintendo DS, and is the follow-up to Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The game is produced under license from the International Olympic Committee in relation to the Olympic Winter Games taking place at Vancouver in 2010.

Like the previous installment, this game is a collaboration between Sega and Nintendo featuring characters from both the Mario series and the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Although Sega was handling most of the development for both versions of this game, as it did for the original Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, they were also handling publishing/marketing duties for all territories outside of Japan, while Nintendo has done publishing/marketing duties for Japan itself.

VIP MembersEdit

These characters only appear as cameos and tells the player that they've been watching the player in certain events. Pausing the game and hitting the minus button when they're spotted gives the player 100 Star Points. The cameo characters are:




Shy Guy


Charmy Bee

Espio the Chameleon

Cream the Rabbit

Big the Cat



Chain Chomp

When the player spots Birdo and Big the Cat, they will also be given costumes.

Around 4 weeks before Christmas, Santa Claus also appears as a VIP (Wii version Only). Unlike other VIP characters, Santa gives 300 Star Coupons instead of 100.

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